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Best Planting Time?

As we will soon (hopefully) see the end of the extreme summer heat, it is time to think about planting.  As a transplant from the North, a big struggle I had when I started growing in South Texas was how different gardening was do here.  Up North you are a good gardener if you have tomatoes by the 4th of July, down here you are great if you still have tomatoes in June.  But perhaps the more challenging issue was planting. Most magazines and catalogs along with many books talk about spring planting.  Spring in South Texas lasts about 2 weeks, hardly enough time for plants to get established and ready to deal with strong SE  winds for days on...
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Mangos & More

While it is true there is not a Fiestival this July, we are doing a celebration of mangos and other tropical fruits.  And the other great news - it is going on all month long!! Every Friday and Saturday in the month of July there will be tropical gardening fun throughout the day.   NOTICE: DUE TO THE HEAVY RAINFALL ON JULY 6 WE ARE CANCELLING OUR JULY 7 ACTIVITIES. The first event is our Tasting and Fruit Evaluation that runs from 10AM to Noon (or until we run out of fruit).  The cost is $2 per person. In the afternoon we will host a culinary presentation at 12:30 which will be followed by a program on growing tropical fruit trees...
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Branching Out

Now that summer has unofficially settled into deep South Texas, I find myself regretting my “can’t wait for warmer weather” mantra of last January and now find myself looking for that cooler, shady spot. 
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Following the Big Chill

In the hopes that our Winter Wonderland is behind us and the comfortable warm temperatures will be around for a while, we are making plans for the start of the growing season of 2018.  But no matter which end of the Valley you are in, the state of affairs in the garden can look pretty grim following a deep chill/freeze like we experienced at the start of this year.While sometimes it is very evident that damage has occurred and often with the more tropical plants, it may take several weeks for damage to actually show up.  More than once we have looked over our trees following a cold event and said “Wow, they did great!” to only gnash our teeth 2 weeks...
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