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Guava - the Fruit of the Week!

The sweet spot for flavor and fragrance is GUAVA.   

Rich in Vitamin C – more than double the daily recommended allowance for this nutrient.

Loaded with potassium (an important electrolyte for maintaining blood pressure and other metabolic functions)– beating out bananas with some 220mg per fruit.

And with the Pink (or Red) GUAVA
Lycopene –an antioxidant which helps prevent cell damage which can lead to cancer and other inflammatory diseases.

This healthy and delicious fruit can be used to create so many different dishes – jellies, glazes, syrups, smoothies and ice cream replace fruit you use in a cake, bread or muffin recipe with guava, even guava’d black beans over rice. (Cooking with guava is perfume in the kitchen!)

A great and simple recipe a friend shared with me years ago when I was new to the guava world is a healthier alternative to kool-aid and all the ingredients can be kept on hand for a quick and easy prep:

 Place several cups of frozen GUAVA quarters in your blender                                        Add an equal amount of water                                                                                        Add a scoop or 2 of instant Lemonade Mix

Blend until relatively smooth and serve. The seeds can be removed by straining the mixture before serving if you did not remove them previously or, if your blender is powerful enough, they will be pulverized into the fruit adding additional nutrients to your drink.

We are reaching peak Guava harvest at this time of year so there is plenty of fruit available. If you want to store some of this goodness for brightening some winter days, we have special pricing on some very ripe guava this weekend. And as long as samples last, we will have a few of our favorite ways to use the extra fruits for you to try.

Noni anyone? This is one fruit that has a long history in folk medicine. It was even one of the canoe plants carried by the Polynesians as they moved to new islands. While the fruit has been the principle part of the plant used for health benefits, the leaves of this plant are also edible. Cook them like you would kale in a pot of water. And Noni is another high potassium fruit.
We do have Noni plants available now in several sizes ranging from small seedlings in 1 gal pots to larger plants that have fruit on them. This is a fast growing plant which cannot tolerate any cool temperatures.

Of course if you just want to have something that fills the evening air with perfume, checkout the Ylang-Ylangs.  The large behind our Fruit Tree Shadehouse has been blooming and it is just intoxicating.  This is one tree that makes it easy to stop and smell the roses...