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How Long is Summer?

Do you have that feeling that summer has been going on for a long, long time? Winter lasted 2 days this year, spring maybe a week and since then it has been hot, hot, hot and dry. The air and the soil are both really warm now and the high humidity just makes everything feel even hotter.

Heat stress in plants can take several forms. Wilting is a sign that water loss has taken place. This is often seen in many plants during the mid day when the transpiration rate cannot keep pace with the evaporative cooling demand of the plant to keep from overheating. It is imperative that there is sufficient soil moisture available for your plants to cope with the heat. Certainly those plants in containers will be the most vulnerable to such shortages and can result in the plant drying up, turning a crunchy brown before dying.

Leaf drop is also a sign of heat stress especially in trees. They can shed some of their foliage in an attempt to conserve water. Development and yield can also be affected by heat stress.

But make sure you check you soil moisture levels with mangos. If you have been following your mango tree’s appearance you have probably seen periods where the leaves droop - somewhat like wilting. Many mango varieties will actually appear this way with a flush of new growth. And since it is very easy to water a mango tree to death (they are very water thrifty), make sure it is a lack of soil moisture causing this before you start pouring on extra water.

And if adequate irrigation does not resolve the wilting of any of your trees or plants, there could be other issues that are causing the distress (—things like fungus or insects).

And we have even added some outdoor cooling for the folks. Our coolers made their debut at the Mango Fiestival and did a great job of providing some heat relief at the Tasting Tables and Snacking Area. We have unit on the office porch—coolest place around most afternoons. These units are available for rent if you have an outdoor event that might need a cool down. Give us a call.

Now here’s to hoping the Weatherman is right this week and we all see some rain before the weekend.