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What's Blooming

After years of struggling – finally we have made it happen and “ta-ta “- our new Web site. We still have tons of information we want to “get-up” so we ask for your patience and remember we are old dogs trying to learn new tricks. But we do hope you find this site more user friendly and a handy resource when contemplating that next plant you just know you have to have.

While summer for most growers in South Texas is generally a time when things take a pause, life in our orchard takes a different turn. The hot, humid tropical climate nurtures a variety of tropical fruits including: Avocados, Sugar Apples, Bignay, Starfruit, Papaya, Mabola, Banana, Jambolan, Guava and, of course, the Mango. In fact, the only down side of mango season – it happens during the hottest time of the year. But speaking from experience – if you happen to come across the one ripe fruit you missed during a warm stroll by your mango tree – do take the time to savor that fruit all by yourself. The heat makes the aromatics of the fruit explode in a sensory overload. (One bite and I understood why people say they stand in the bathtub to eat their mangos!)

June is the time nearly all your plants a nutritional boost.  Spring growth is over and now things need to survive the heat, the heat and the heat. That is stressful for all of us, including plants, so it is important to make sure there is adequate nutrition.  And watch out for the bugs and other critters. You have worked hard to get that big fat fruit hanging on the tree – you should get first rights. We find bagging many of summer fruits the best option to protect them from birds, possums and other visitors.

Remember to take the time to enjoy the colors, the sounds and the fragrances of your garden. We don’t stop to smell the roses in South Texas, we stop to smell the Dragon Fruits, the Ylang-Ylangs, the Eucalyptus, the Plumerias, …..