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On the Start of a New Year

The New Year for every gardener is a wonderful time of the year. This is the moment we stand at the edge of starting over, a new season, a clean slate, optimistic that this time it'll be different ... this will be the year that we get to everything in the garden. So, as the ever-hopeful gardeners that Ed and I are, we offer our Gardener's New Year's Resolutions.
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A Few Cool Weather Thoughts

With nearly a third of our mango trees blooming already, this winter may not be a stress-free a time as I would like.  Christmas is ahead and so is that first big drop in temperatures.  So perhaps a few rules of the Green Thumb are in order. 
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Lessons to Learn

This was the year we got to survey the damage to hurricane ravaged trees from our living room seats instead of staring at our yards covered with damaged plants. The pictures of so many trees down, shattered or stripped bare in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico is a painful reminder of what we have experienced here in the Valley in the past and what will again be a part of our weather one day in the future.We have read reports from some of our favorite Botanical collection sites on their damage and what they did and are doing to save their trees. Directors and managers alike have attributed regular maintenance and pruning as the most critical factor in how well...
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Fall Chores

Once upon a time…I thought (and Ed too) that fall was a time to sit back and go ahhh. Now it seems like every time I turn around some other chore has appeared on our “What we need to do for the trees” list. Part of that comes from the fact we don’t have a monoculture orchard so there is something ripening year round and part of that comes from my own former misunderstanding of the hard work that growers do each and every season. Hopefully by this time you have completed your soil applied nutrients to nearly everything in your orchard. And then there is the Iron chelate drench that should be applied to many of the tropicals. And...
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Guava - the Fruit of the Week!

The sweet spot for flavor and fragrance is GUAVA.    Rich in Vitamin C – more than double the daily recommended allowance for this nutrient. Loaded with potassium (an important electrolyte for maintaining blood pressure and other metabolic functions)– beating out bananas with some 220mg per fruit. And with the Pink (or Red) GUAVALycopene –an antioxidant which helps prevent cell damage which can lead to cancer and other inflammatory diseases.This healthy and delicious fruit can be used to create so many different dishes – jellies, glazes, syrups, smoothies and ice cream replace fruit you use in a cake, bread or muffin recipe with guava, even guava’d black beans over rice. (Cooking with guava is perfume in the kitchen!) A great...
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