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Garden Center

Since he first helped his dad plant squash in the backyard garden, Ed has been hooked on growing things. He has never meet a seed he didn’t want to plant or a tree he didn’t yearn to enjoy the shade under. Over the years, people have shown up at the gate hearing about some of the more unusual plants he was growing. Their connection with the plant as part of their history or their culture inspired Ed to expand into the “Nursery” business so that we could make these plants available to others.

Whether it is Avocados, Hong Kong Orchids, Mangos or Jambolan Plum, we are growing that same plant in our orchard and can tell you first hand how it does in sunny and dry south Texas. Our hands on experience with the different fruit trees makes us a unique resource for our customers.

Because the availability of certain plant sizes is changing, we cannot guarantee that plants are available in the size you wish.  Please note we cannot ship any plant over 3 gallon size.