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Mango - Fresh Fruit Box Case
Mango - Fresh Fruit Box Case

Mango - Fresh Fruit Box Case


Approximately 10 lb of fruit in a box.   All varieties offered have little or no fiber.  We can prepare a case that has a sampling of those varieties we are currently harvesting or prepare a single variety box.

Currently harvesting Baileys Marvel, Dot, Gary, Jakarta, Nam Doc Mai*, Sweet Tart, Valencia Pride* and Zill.

Nam Doc Mai is a Premium Mango ("Tasting Notes: Green- zingy citrus and lemon-blossom nose, with crisp green apple, grapefruit and sour cherry. Ripe- hints of anise and cinnamon with loads of complex flavors of melon, peach and tangerine." Chef Allen Susser)

Valencia Pride is a high quality South Florida selection with firm melting flesh. (Tasting Notes: "A zingy citrus and orange blossom bouquet, with beautiful flavors of orange, ripe peach, and candied almond." Chef Allen Susser)

Note: If you wish to receive a larger amount than the 10#,  order multiple boxes but we will ship the mangos in a larger box.