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Peanut Butter Fruitbox

Peanut Butter Fruitbox


The unusual fruit that is soft and brilliant orange when fully ripe.  The pulp is thick and stick and really does have that peanut butter flavor.


Recipe for the peanut Butter Fruit Milk Shake from ECHO:

1C Peanut Butter Fruit             2C water                                        1/3C Sugar (or to taste)
1tsp vanilla                               ½ C powdered milk Ice cubes

Separate the pulp from seed by placing fruit in a food processor with the plastic blade. Add the water and run in short spurts. The pulp will fall away from the seeds without breaking them. Strain this through a colander and discard the seeds. Combine this liquid with the remaining ingredients and blend at high speed until you have a beautiful daiquiri-like drink. Enjoy

Sometimes it is hard to wrap your head around something that looks like it should taste like cherries or strawberries but really tastes like peanut butter..