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Sapodilla Tree

Sapodilla Tree


A tough and handsome tree native to the Yucatan, its fruit is known by many names including chicku, naseberry, chicle, nipero and zapotilla.  The tree itself is wind, drought and salt tolerant, but intolerant of winter temperatures below 30 degrees.  The fruit is delicious when perfectly ripe, ranking in the top echelon  of all tropical fruits - the taste of a pear soaked in brown sugar and scented with jasmine.

The sap of this slow growing evergreen was once the prime ingredient in chewing gum.  Chicle is the name given to the sap of this tree, a sticky white latex. While there are over a hundred recognized cultivars, some of the best selections in south Texas include: Alano, Hasya, Morena, Tikal, Molix and Brown Sugar.  The main differences are reflected in fruit size, texture and coloration of the pulp, and shape of the fruit.  We do have seedling trees available on occasion in addition to the grafted trees listed here.

If requesting a quote for shipping, please specify which cultivar (s) you are interested in.